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December 30, 2015

Two days left for you to share with Capitol Commission.

Please consider the following: I recently read an update from Pastor Greg Laurie. In it he referenced something he had heard from a California farmer, David Jackson. David is a fruit farmer and the brother and uncle of men who serve on our board of directors. They are also fruit farmers. "For the fruit to grow, the farmer's shadow has to fall on the field." – In other words, the farmer needs to be in the field, tending and harvesting crops.

This principle applies very specifically to the ministry of Capitol Commission. If there is fruit to be born, our State Ministers need to have a regular presence in the Capitol communities in which they serve. Their shadows need to fall on the people serving in our nations capitols. For that to happen they need full financial support. Please partner with us and send a check today or tomorrow to: Capitol Commission, PO Box 63118, Charlotte, NC 28263, or DONATE online.

Have a blessed New Year!

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