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June 15, 2016


Making an Investment That Will Pay Eternal Dividends

The 250 Mile Bike Ride to raise funds for expansion into additional states and Washington DC was changed to the month of June instead of August.  As of today, June 16, I am on schedule with 150 miles completed.

I am grateful for your prayers and financial investment in this great cause to reach the hearts of our leaders. When leader’s hearts are changed, they conduct their lives, write our laws, and cast their votes based on a biblical worldview.

Please go to to donate by credit card or bank draft. Use the drop down menu 'please select a ministry' where you will find my name; Dave Dagwell - National.  OR print out the attached flyer, complete it and send it with your check to: Capitol Commission at P.O. Box 63118, Charlotte, NC  28263-3118. 

 Dave Dagwell Signature

Dave Dagwell, Assistant to the President

Flyer for 250 Mile Investment