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August 25, 2017

Help with Hurricane Harvey Relief
...and Help Reach New Capitol Communities for Christ!

Yesterday, I was about to send the ministry update below out to everyone who subscribes. Then, I thought twice about it because of the pressing need related to the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. I was torn because the needs presented in my update below are rather time sensitive. Therefore, I am beginning this note to you with a word of encouragement to make a donation to the Hurricane relief efforts first.

I have included a link below for Samaritan's Purse, a highly trusted ministry that has a long history of disaster relief work around the globe. They are already present in the gulf playing a pivotal role in the work, with countless volunteers on the ground. They are a worthy organization to receive and put to good use any donation you feel compelled to make. Then, if you have the interest and ability to contribute to our campaign to expand the work of Capitol Commission into new state capitols, please read on.

Donate to Samaritan's Purse Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort.

Today I invite you to participate in the expansion of the ministry of Capitol Commission into new state capitols! The Lord continues to bless the work of Capitol Commission in the 22 states in which we currently have a presence. And doors for ministry in other state capitols have been flung wide open. You can step through those doors with us!

We currently have invitations to establish new ministries in the state capitols of Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Washington. Alabama and Mississippi have also shown significant interest. We also need to reestablish our ministry presence in Minnesota, Florida, and Delaware where established ministries need new leadership. I have been tasked with these priorities, but I need your help.

Once into the flow of work on these priorities, I anticipate meeting many of God's people along the way that will embrace this bold vision for expansion. But as I begin the process I need to prime the pump to cover the expenses associated with pursuing these exciting challenges.

That's where you come in. Most of you receiving this note have partnered with me in the work of Capitol Commission in Texas in the past. So it seems natural for me to come to you with this need today.

(A few of you receiving this note are supporting Scot Wall's current work in Texas...BLESS YOU!!! This note is for your information only. I don't want to do anything to adversely  affect Scot's outstanding work in Texas.)

Will you make a meaningful contribution at this time to provide the resources necessary for us to aggressively pursue these exciting expansion  opportunities God has set before us?


Capitol Commission
PO Box 63118
Charlotte, NC 28263-3118

Your Co-Laborer in Christ,

Don Garner

Vice President, Expansion and Development