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February 16, 2018

Collegiate Day of Prayer,  February 22nd 

Capitol Commission has a heartbeat for God to impact the leaders of our nation.

Our future leaders are on our college campuses today!

Capitol Commission is joining hundreds of thousands of students to pray and fast for spiritual revival to sweep across our nation!

Would you join us?  This is indeed a non-political gathering.

Please view the one minute video below. I warn you, you will be challenged!

promo video

For more information, here is the official website

We believe prayer is one of the priority calls of God. 

It is a fundamental ministry which was demonstrated by Christ himself prioritizing prayer, the church praying in every chapter in the book of Acts and the command of God to pray for everyone, emphasizing those in authority over us in I Timothy 2. 

God's Prayer for Political Leaders

God calls the church to rise up and advance against the very gates of hell. 

I do not believe this day of prayer can be neglected.  

Let us lean on our Heavenly Father and ask boldly,

Brad Sig
Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President, Capitol Commission