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March 6, 2018

      I have been debilitated by a pinched sciatica nerve this past month. The alarming pain in my body has driven me to find answers fast to relieve the pain. Unfortunately, I am learning that it is taking more time than expected. I now find myself on a quest to uncover the root problem and address it.

      Current events have struck a nerve in our nation. America is shouting out like never before for answers and solutions. Young and old are awakened to the pain caused by a fallen society. They search for and are presented with solutions that address the symptom but not the cure.

      In the midst of the search is our Capitol Commission Ministers serving at nearly half of our State Capitols. These ministers are teaching truth in expositional Bible studies, giving seminars on what God says about sexual harassment, meeting with governors and legislators to pray and give personal care. These men are chaplains in a marketplace that sits against the frontal assault of God’s enemy.

      Satan is attacking God’s institutions, establishing strongholds and pretentious arguments that seem sensible but fall short of the cure. The fact of the matter is this government, the church, the family, and marriage are institutions that the Lord God established to organize civilization in His created world. C.S. Lewis stated it well, “Hell is a non-society.” The enemy is at work to create confusion in marriage, family, church and government. The battle for reliance on the God who established order is being fought every day.

      Our nation, as never before, stands at the crossroads of “IN GOD WE TRUST.”  It is far more than what is printed on our currency, it is about our inner most reliance on God in this nation. This is why it is so important to reach leaders and disciple them. A leader who leads for God’s sake makes decisions based upon the wisdom of the One who created order. It is our calling and quest in Capitol Commission to call all of our leaders to be what God has called them to be.

      The nerve to see God’s existence and to establish in our country His values and wisdom is screaming out in our nation. As Jesus spoke of the very rocks crying out, so our innermost cry is for the wisdom of the Wonderful Counselor and the exciting news is that the Lord offers far more than a “walk the line” set of rules. He offers grace. It is grace that sets apart the God of the Bible from all other gods, who are really no gods at all. Forgiveness and grace is a welcome relief to a society that struggles to cope with people that do bad things. How encouraging to know and share with others the good news, God forgives. God restores.

      Do you want to make a difference? Help us plant State Ministers in the remaining Capitals of our country. This is front line work. The time to address the pain is now. Capitol Commission stands unique as non-political and non-lobbying ministers in the Capitol communities of our nation. We have a desire to add four new states this year, and I believe God will help us with this quest. Will you join with me in prayer for this and for our nation?

      Do you have the nerve to focus on the long term solution? Our men focus on presence, proclamation and prayer. Let us all work to that end bringing the presence of Christ into our circles of life. Let us all proclaim to those around us the cure for man’s fallen condition that is found only in Christ. Let us pray for those in authority over us according to the priority command given to us in I Timothy 2:1.

      Let us address this nerve pain with nerve ourselves! God is calling you and me to live Christ out loud in our nation!

Let’s focus on the cure!

Brad Sig
Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President, Capitol Commission

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