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August 13, 2018

Evil is viciously seeking to destroy America by cultivating a culture that does not believe authoritative truth exists. The word of God proclaims that the greatest thing you and I can do to fight the good fight of faith is to prioritize, “Pray for Kings and those in authority over you…for this is good and God desires that they come to the knowledge of the truth…for there is one mediator between God and man the man Christ Jesus who gave himself a ransom for men.” 

Last week, a three-day Legislative conference was held in New Orleans. Because they trusted our non-political and non-lobbying strategy, the conference organizers gave four State Ministers platform time to share the Word of God and pray. This ministry is having a powerful impact. God is opening doors! Sharing The Word

Through the week, the gospel was shared with a Mormon Senator from Montana, a skeptic Representative from Wyoming, and several very powerful leaders from Washington. Pray with us for their souls! We prayed with dozens more, challenging them with God's truth and distributing reinforcing resource materials. Hallelujah, more than 40 legislators and political leaders came to devotional times during this conference. Conference Devotions

One legislator stated, “I came to New Orleans wondering what this conference would be like in such a city known for its sin, but Capitol Commission brought to this conference the faithful presence of Christ!”

During the week a discussion with a powerful leader focused on the question of “who’s truth?" It was a privilege to share the Word of God and reiterate a response to his relative truth position. The battle of “that may be truth for you but not for me” is alive and well in America. 

West Virginia's Senator Patricia Rucker was our Study Bible Give-Away winner. She is a faithful attender of the weekly Bible study by Capitol Commission State Minister, Tim Pauley. The Word is guiding her leadership there! Study Bible Winner

This ministry seeks to do what Christ tells us to do and in the way he wants us to do it. God clearly desires for his people to go into the darkness and sow the seed. He wants us to get in the dirt with people just as Jesus did! Jesus was a friend of sinners, standing among the tax collectors.

Your support of the Capitol Commission ministry is placing our Ministers in positions to sow the seed faithfully! We proclaim the powerful Word of God and dialogue answers with those who are deceived by post-modern cultural lies. 

Help us stay strong! I am in the midst of a four week journey through 11 states. I give glory to God that He has opened doors in Arizona, Alabama and Michigan, but resources beyond our basic support are needed for expansion to complete the field development in these states. Would you consider a special gift?

God is doing so much, reaching legislators and staff behind the scene. We give Him all Glory! Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. You are helping this ministry be salt and light reaching the darkness.

For His Glory,


Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President, Capitol Commission 
USA - Minister 

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