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October 5, 2018

Your investment in the ministry of Capitol Commission is an investment in pure ministry to our legislators across America. Thank you!

In a western state, where hostility toward our Christian world view dominates in the public, a Senator in that State Capitol had this to say about the Capitol Commission Bible study there, “It is an oasis and kind of like Switzerland!” In the midst of that battle-zone, this expositional Bible study attended by Democrat and Republican Legislators is providing a time to listen to God’s counsel and make personal application.  

In a mid-western state, the Capitol Commission State Minister spoke of the power of God’s word. “It is amazing the points presented by the Word of God. Points made hard, made clear and made strong, striking the very hearts of our political leaders because this teaching comes with no agenda.”

In a southern state, tears were shed by Legislators as our Capitol Commission State Minister shared a message of “peace in the midst of the storm” during an intense teacher march at that state’s Capitol.

Capitol Commission is a trusted instrument of truth in our nation’s capitols, whether in the Statehouses, Legislative Conferences or at state capitol events. In the midst of the craziness and confusion, we are providing “an oasis”, “strong teaching with no agenda” and a message of hope with “peace in the midst of the storm.” Truth with personal soul-care is powerful! Capitol Commission, because of your support, is loving political leaders to God.

In a culture of such anger toward our leaders, it is difficult to embrace the honorable calling God has given to Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors and all those in authority in this world. God calls them “ministers and servants of God.” Why in the world would God give political leaders such a high name? God is calling them to build a healthy, wholesome, just, organized and peaceful civilization or, in two words, “Biblical Shalom.” 

Building “Biblical Shalom” is very dear to the Lord’s heart. The leaders of this world are appointed by God. When the leaders of this world do less or even the opposite of his calling, it opposes God’s will. You and I struggle to be as long-suffering as God. Our anger rises quickly to cry out for God to reign down His judgment. I stand amazed at God’s long suffering toward our world leaders. Don’t you? Yet, Psalm 2 makes it very clear that when the long suffering of God is exhausted, the Lord’s righteous anger occurs.

But, anger is not the priority action for God’s people; the priority action is to pray! I am calling upon you, in these days of confusion and hostility, to lay our leaders before the Lord with fervency. You can use Capitol Commission’s tool,, or another, but pray! There is much squabbling and confusion but God is not the author of that! 

It deeply saddens me to see personal and political agendas elevated above what is right and for the benefit of the whole. I cannot change that, but with God, all things are possible. It is time to engage our prayer war-rooms and cry out to God asking him for wholesome dialogue seeking righteous decisions in our government. Then, let each of us endeavor to live out the building of “Biblical Shalom” in this nation, one neighborhood, school, and community at a time.  

Thank you, donors and supporters in prayer! Your faithful support fuels this vital work of prayer, proclamation and the presence of Christ in 23 capitols.

Highlights this past month:

  • A State Lobbyist continues growth in Christ and enrolls to study at a Bible university.
  • Prayer groups strategically pray for their Governors requests for the state of Kansas. Hundreds of prayer leaders, joined by texting, relay the concerns to thousands who lift up a plea to God for specific needs. Yes, indeed, the Lord is answering prayer.
  • Scripture was read and prayer led the sessions of a summer Legislative conference attended by over 800 legislators.
  • Capitols were saturated with 50,000+ expositional State Minister written Bible studies given to legislators and staff personally this year.
  • After speaking at a Christian university campus, a leadership team from that university accepted the challenge and will lead a ministry to one of our northern state capitols this November.
  • Our National Gathering took place this week drawing together with the theme, “Honing Effectiveness, Sharpening our Service to the King.”
  • Legislators slammed by accusations and personal life crisis are turning their attention to things of the Lord. Our State Ministers in those states are open to give soul-care. Pray!
  • A new state minister was commissioned this week!
  • Legislators, lobbyists and staffers who have come to Christ are growing in their faith.
  • Doors are wide open to advance into Alabama and Arizona, but hurdles exist. Please pray.

Our third quarter ministry is strong. Our ECFA rating and completed external audit reflect proper stewardship but, as we finish our third quarter, financial needs are critically short. Those who give to this ministry regularly, thank you! You are our heroes! You are making our work and God’s fruit from it abound by your faithfulness. In transparency, our National support/expansion need at this third quarter-end is $30,000.

Would you consider a special generous gift to help us finish strong and keep advancing this trusted ministry into more capitols?

Lord, help our faith alone to be in you, as the hymn writer stated, “faith is the victory that overcomes the world.”

For His Glory,


Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President, Capitol Commission 
USA - Minister 

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