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May 2, 2019

Prayer is an eternal work! It invests in the ear of an eternal almighty God.

As I move across America I meet many who lobby for what is righteous in the eyes of the Lord. I appreciate and am thankful for them. But here is one thing I have heard many lobbyists say, "one election could change everything that I have worked for..."  

That is not true about prayer. That is not true about planting the Word of God in lives. That is not true when we represent Jesus to those around us.

No election will change the love invested in a person in the name of Jesus. 

There is a reason why God who is so far above us all in his wisdom made prayer for all of our leaders in the public worship service the priority to fight the good fight of faith. I Timothy 1:18; 2:1-5.  It is because God wants us to invest our pleas in the souls of our leaders. He loves them and has called them to a great calling, to be ministers of God building His Biblical shalom.

Look around! The lack in our churches is prayer for our leaders not political activism before them.  

How important it is for everyone who knows the Lord to consistently pray for all their leaders.  

Read the devotional by clicking here: Prayer is Powerful because the Ultimate Authority is Listening

Because you prayed:

a) Ministry awareness meetings occurred the past three weeks in Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. 

b) 225 Bible studies were placed in the hands of Legislators and staff in Montgomery, Alabama. 

c) A legislative staffer in a Southern State made a decision to trust in the Lord and seek counseling for marriage.

d) Conversations with potential State Ministers in Alabama, Arizona are happening.

e) God answered prayer to meet our March and April budget needs. 

f) In 23 legislative communities during session multiple Bible studies with legislators and also staffers happened.

g) Confidential times of prayer with Governors, Legislators and staffers took place. God only knows the extent, but measurably in many capitols, leaders took courageous stands for righteousness.

h) An equipping ministry for our State Ministers was launched.

Please pray for wisdom, for our gospel project needs to be met, for the Lord to call qualified men to serve in the capitols of this nation.

Thank you for praying for this ministry. It is our mission to be focused on sowing the Word of God and investing in the souls of our leaders. We believe that the Word of God invested in souls and life on life discipleship is an eternal work. 

At a recent gathering, one of the most powerful men in the assembly stood up and said this, "Years ago I stood with James Dobson in our Capitol, and we realized that many "ministries" were in the capitol to battle the issues, but none to exclusively minister to the people, I believe that is the work of Capitol Commission." CSCJP 

Thank you for praying and giving to the Lord! 


All Glory to God!

Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President, Capitol Commission
USA - Minister 

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