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October 29, 2019

Bad News / Good news! Bad News First....

There is an advance in America away from church, away from religion and the pace has advanced. [READ ON]

Good News:

Even though the culture is progressing away from the Lord, the hearts of man have the same exact problem. Men still have the same God-shaped hole in their souls that they always have! The good news of Jesus Christ, which is the very power of God (Romans 1:16-17), is the answer. Capitol Commission is bringing the advancement of the gospel and God's voice into State Capitols across America. 

  • "I love the work Capitol Commission is doing." -Dr. Albert Mohler, Historical Theologian, President Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Montana Ministry Pastor - "I use Capitol Commission's prayer tool  and it is by far for me, the greatest tool for building rapport with all the leaders in our Capitol [both Republican and Democrat]." -SB


 Prayer    . Banquet


Ministry Highlights:

  • Thank you for making the Tenth Anniversary Celebration a huge success. Your response was so encouraging! Many partners outside NC celebrated with cards and special donations. More than 150 people attended October 17th. They heard moving and powerful testimonies from State Ministers and Legislators across the nation. These testimonies presented how the gospel is impacting leaders in legislative communities at State Capitols. Kelvin Cochran, a great fan and supporter of Capitol Commission, preached a powerful message on “God Blessing a Hundredfold in Suffering”. The Lord used the night to help people understand the powerful impact this ministry has and as a result, many new partners in ministry were added! [See pictures above]
  • Two State Ministers advanced their ministry using mission trips bringing with them dozens of our leaders. “It is the best thing I know to build rapport and grow these legislators in their walk with Christ.”-BG /SW
  • "In my state, five small groups met together in offices discussing the Word of God hosted by leaders on both sides of the aisle." -HC
  • The State of Arizona launched October 1, 2019. Pray for Bill Heitzinger, Arizona State Minister, as he builds a ministry support team in Arizona.


  • Capitol Commission built and renewed many relationships at a recent Shepherds 360 Pastors Conference
  • Capitol Commission President was keynote at Capitol Commission Missouri Fund Raising Banquet. The event was successful. Ten legislators and 175 plus in attendance. The ministry in the Missouri Capitol led by Dr. John Battaglia is a strong ministry in pastoral care, coaching, mentoring and proclaiming the gospel evidence by testimonies of legislators. "This past session God blessed our Capitol with 35 Bible Studies, 4000 clearly written one-page Bible Studies were handed to legislators and their staff personally and 3500 more distributed by email." - ML
  • Conversations with potential State Ministers in Alabama, Alaska and Florida are happening – please pray fervently for these states.


  • Capitol Commission USA Gathering next week: Our theme: "SET APART FOR THE GOSPEL" Pray for our entire ministry team that this time will used by the Lord to recharge, refine and refocus His ministers to God's ministry to government leaders. 


 For His Glory,


Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President, Capitol Commission
USA - Minister 

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