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November 26, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving! This week as you gather with your loved ones and friends rejoice in the many blessings of the Lord! His joy is your strength! These are crazy times with much to take us away from being still. In the midst of discussions about Black Friday deals, sports, weather, news, phone messages and incivility in Washington D.C.,  I encourage you to shut yourself off from the world, rise up early and be quiet and still with the Lord.

America as a nation needs to turn to the Lord this Thanksgiving.  Sadly, with 27% of our nation now checking the box "no religious affiliation at all", many will give no consideration to our Creator, Savior and Lord as they gather for Thanksgiving.

God's people are called to lay our nation before the Lord. Nehemiah and Daniel example that and passages such as Jeremiah 29:7 and I Timothy 2:1-5 make prayer for our leaders, city and nation a priority.

Slow down and Be Still and Give Thanks. Will you?  Here are a few things that may help you. 

   * Read Psalm 100 ; James 1:17 and reflect back upon "every good gift God has given." 

   * Giving Thanks is a powerful spiritual warfare action. Have you thought of giving thanks that way? Read the Devotional: The Power of Giving Thanks

   * The Miracle of Squanto is one of my favorite history accounts. The real Thanksgiving story is encouraging!  Squanto and the First Thanksgiving

Ministry Update:

  1. Thank you to everyone who attended our Tenth Anniversary Banquet. We give thanks to the Lord for every partner with Capitol Commission!
  2. Our National Gathering met in Louisville on the campus of Southern. God gave our team a great recharge with instruction from the Word, sessions on sharpening our ministry and the dedication of a New State Ministry in Arizona.Capitol Commission Gathering Pictures
  3. Praise to God for a Democrat Senator who placed his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. God used one of our State Ministers walking alongside him through a personal crisis. Praise to the Lord!
  4. In a Southern State, Capitol Commission is teaching 6 Bible studies per week in session, as well as speaking in churches and local civil meetings out of session. One result of this Word of God saturation is that both parties are meeting together more frequently in civility. This teamwork between parties is bringing forward legislation that recognizes the value of human life. The amazing and remarkable thing is that this effort is being led by unexpected leaders. Leaders working beyond party platform but not God’s counsel!

Capitol Commission ministers seek not only to represent Jesus but also to “be Jesus” in their Capitols as they minister to the people serving there. The actions of praying for our leaders, teaching the Word of God and proclaiming boldly the gospel by a trusted minister with no political agenda is powerful. Although, our work is for the heart of the legislator not the vote, we frequently see God move in unexpected ways. Salvation, peacemaking and working together in civility are a few. What hope!  

Your partnership with Capitol Commission maintains and advances this ministry in your state and our nation. I thank God for you!

For His Glory,


Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President, Capitol Commission
USA - Minister 

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