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December 19, 2019

How do you pray on a day like today?

God is the God of today and He is in Washington, D.C.! His name, “I AM,” declares that! Moses, in Exodus 3:14, records for us this name. What does this name mean? “The name should thus be understood as referring to Yahweh’s being the creator and sustainer of all that exists and thus the Lord of both creation and history, all that is and all that is happening—a God active and present in historical affairs.”[1]

Today, pray for the leaders of our nation, specifically the Senate. King Solomon spoke of their position and gave great counsel in Proverbs 18. Let us ask the Lord to give our Senate leaders His wisdom. We must continue to pray for our Congressional Representatives. A vote was recorded and a decision was made. Each Representative in the House will live with their decision the rest of their life. It already is weighing on them and it will weigh upon them. They are people. 

We must continue to pray for the President of our nation. He has been informed of their decision. As I understand the way our founding fathers laid out the roles of House and Senate, the House acts in the role of prosecuting attorney, the Senate is the judge and jury. The weeks ahead will be a time when our President is under great pressure, not only externally but internally, a decision of accusation goes to the very core of a person. The President needs our prayer as a person. He is a person going through great pressure. All of our leaders are human beings with a soul. 

How do you pray? Pray for the Lord God, the Great I AM, to use the pressures and the decision for good. Remind yourself that the Great I AM can take what is meant for evil and use it for good, Genesis 50:20. The cross of Jesus Christ proves that. Look at Acts 2:22-24 and realize just how in control the Great I Am is on the worst day. Pray today for each person as you would for any trial or peril affecting someone you know. Pray for God to make His good come from it. Pray for God to sustain the person through it and to give strength and comfort. Pray that through it all the President and the Representatives would be drawn to know and walk with the Lord. Ask God to call people to salvation and for people to find God’s forgiveness and to forgive.

It is Christmas. It is time for this nation to see people again. Let us pray for those in authority over us as people. 

Give thanks for the unspeakable gift of Jesus who from the throne of heaven saw people and came to redeem! 

This ministry ministers to people. They happen to be people who are our leaders. This is not about politics, it is about the very souls of our leaders. It is an important work. Our Ministers meet personally with our leaders and give them Biblical guidance, pastoral care and prayer. Would you pray for our State Ministers to be strengthened in their work, and for the Lord to advance this ministry into every capitol legislative community?

The very soul of our nation is the collective of the souls of every person in our nation. Let us pray!

 For His Glory,


Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President, Capitol Commission
USA - Minister 

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[1] Stuart, D. K. (2006). Exodus (Vol. 2, p. 121). Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers.