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March 12, 2020

There is much good news to share! But first, would you let me minister to you?

Each day over the past 30 days the phrase “new fears” has been stated in the media. How do you face these? When the media reports political games and political tribalism our hearts get angry and our expression easily becomes outrage. Where do you turn? Where do you find hope?

There is refuge. That refuge is God. He is the rock and security that is never shaken. Hebrews 12:26-29 speaks clearly that God is unshakable. But we and all created things can be shaken. Today, with all the fear, I implore you to go to the refuge of God.  Allow me to give you three steps.

1) Anchor your heart in the Word.

Proverbs 30:5 “Every word of God proves true; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.”

  • Think over God’s word again and again. Write it down and put it in front in you. Read it again and again throughout the day. Give God praise for who He is!

2) Get Alone with Lord, Be Still and Pray 

  • Think about your fears, list them, and tell them to the Lord! Be still in his presence. He welcomes his child crying “Abba Father” with delight. “God is a shield to those who take refuge in him.”

3) Instead of being debilitated by fear or by outrage, exchange that and carry out the action of praying for your leaders.

  • Pray for your President, Vice President and ask God to direct them to proper action.
  • Pray for your Congressional leaders, the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader.
  • Pray for decisions to be made to address the needs of this nation. Ask God to help with this process.
  • Pray for those affected by loss whether it be Coronavirus, Flu, or tragedy. Pray for the Lord to take the tragedy and turn it around for good. History proves He is able to do that.
  • Pray that God would bring his peace upon His people. May the Lord help you and me to lead in leading people to know the peace God brings. Isaiah 26:3; Philippians 4:6,7
  • You may also interact with your leaders by email. I suggest letting them know you are praying for them when you do that. 

Here some encouraging news about good things happening in the political marketplace.

This ministry is there reaching 25 states with men serving and being Jesus bringing the light of God's word to the hearts of our leaders where they are! SD Min min to Leg

“Life was in Him [Jesus], and that life was the light of men, that light shines in the darkness, yet the darkness did not overtake it, John 1;4,5.”

“Take me home country road!” A great example of faithfully bringing the light is Rev Tim Pauley, serving for a decade as West Virginia State Minister. Jesus not only is light He brings “peace in the storm! ” Read Tim’s Bible study and pray for him and support him as he is engaging West Virginia government leaders and staff. By the way, Tim and his wife Beth are college Alumni of the Year. Congratulations! Job well done!   

Here is Tim's study: Finding Peace and Making Peace in the Capitol

God’s word is powerful. It is life changing. Dr. John Battaglia and his wife Christine serve strongly in Missouri. His powerful compassionate teaching of God’s Word and his leadership and mentoring gifts  have opened doors to the heart of legislators in Missouri. Most recently a legislator placed his trust in Christ and now he and John are regularly meeting as he grows in Christ.

It is so exciting to see God at work behind the scenes.

South Dakota Son Rise! – Jarvis and Crystal Wipf minister in the South Dakota Capitol. The Lord is transforming that state through strong believing legislators that seek to follow Jesus in the way they lead. I loved being with him a few weeks ago walking with him through an entire day in the Capitol. He taught a 7 am Bible study in the Governors Chamber and an 8 PM Bible study offsite at Perkins. Both well attended. Please pray for his stamina, he is a "tentmaking" minister and shoulders a great load right now. South Dakota is blessed!


Would you ask God to continue to powerfully use his word to draw people to Jesus and to strengthen our leaders? 

I have been in 10 states over the past month and will share the good news in parts 2 and following over the next two weeks. Thank you for your prayers and partnership! Be encouraged God is at work in the midst of the ugly! 

For His Glory,    


Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President, Capitol Commission
USA - Minister 

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