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April 1, 2020

Psalm 118:25 - Save us, we pray, O LORD! O LORD, we pray, give us success!

In the midst of Psalm 118, quoted above, thankfulness, supplication and praise to God brought refuge and strength in the midst of peril. This dialogue to the throne room in heaven allowed the Psalmist to see through the fog of trial and shout, “The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation.”

Today, threatened by an unseen enemy, we lift up our healthcare workers, first responders, truckers, delivery and all those who are working to provide the basic resource needs in our nation.

We pray for those with the virus to be healed. We pray all those who are grieving loss today. 

Pray also for our pastors who shepherd and teach the Word. How important it is for Scripture to be taught and preached accurately. Pray for counselors who are ministering to those struggling with fear. Pray for many people to be drawn to the Lord finding rest and salvation in the good news.

We all want to do something, but for most of us as we  "shelter in place" the feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming. BUT, there is something every one of us can be doing, faithfully praying.

Please consider also adding to your daily prayers, your state and national political leaders. Why? God has ordained government and has given them specific responsibility. He does hold them accountable. The Lord has also given believers a priority command to pray for “Kings, and those in authority over you, I Timothy 1:18;2:1-6.” This instruction was given to the early followers of Jesus who were under a wicked ruler – Nero. It was the primary instruction to fight the good fight of faith. This command goes beyond politics, it goes to the throne of God where all authority rests.

Capitol Commission has created a website that makes it easy for you to pray daily (or regularly) for each of your State and National legislative leaders.  This tool is designed to help and encourage you to carry out that priority instruction to fight the good fight of faith. . Would you take a moment right now to look at this tool?

  • When you open the website you will see a picture of the United States. The action step here is to find your state.
    • Click on your region and select your state.
  • Your state page will open showing six of your state legislators:
    • one US Senator or Representative, two of your state Senators, and three of your state Representatives.
    • Note the suggested prayer for that day, one of nine which will rotate through each day.
  • Exciting Features of this tool.
    • Interact option: You can interact with your legislator by clicking the appropriate social media icon below their name. This tool allows you to share with your government leader you are praying for them.
    • In the left column select State Leaders. You will see on one page all your State Leaders.
      • This feature allows you to select your representatives from your district.
      • It also provides the opportunity to divide up your legislators among your prayer group, ABF, or Sunday School class.
    • Choose Daily Email or Weekly Email.  
      • We do not want to inundate you with emails. We want to help. Find the one that works best for you.
      • Choosing daily gives you all your government leaders each month on a rotating basis.
        • On the first day of every month you will be given the opportunity to pray for the executive branch of our nation and your state. On the last day of the month you will be encouraged to pray for the US Supreme Court and your state Supreme Court members.
      • Choosing weekly also gives you your leaders on a scheduled rotating basis 6 per week.
      • Directly underneath the verse is a highlighted word. e.g. Please pray today for teachability.
      • If you click on the highlighted word it will bring you to a suggested prayer on teachability, or one of 9 suggested prayers.
        • These rotate regularly. They never single out any person but rather guide you in some of the ways God desires his people to pray for their leaders.   

Capitol Commission's vision is Every Leader Every Capitol Everyday.

Capitol Commission is committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ in the Capitol communities of the world as well as following the Biblical mandate of praying for our elected officials nationwide.


Psalm 118:27 The Lord is God, he has made his light to shine upon us.

James 5:16 The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.


The ever present help of God removes our fear and brings hope in our hearts! Be encouraged today, read Psalm 118, Psalm 46 and rejoice in an ever present victorious God.


For His Glory,

                                     Jim Young signature

Dr. Brad Harbaugh                              Jim Young, President Emeritus
President, Capitol Commission
USA - Minister 
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