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May 7, 2020

Pray for your nation today and always!   

It is good to be reminded of our American history. It is good but it is also sobering. It reveals how far the heart of America has turned away from God.

Below is a word for word Lesson from the First Reader, a public school book, used in the last half of the 19th century. This is one of many lessons and books written by the "Schoolmaster of the Nation" who was greatly honored by the National Education Association.1 

"At the close of the day, before you go to sleep, you should not fail to pray to God to keep you from sin and from harm. You ask your friends for food, and drink, and books, and clothes; and when they give you these things, you thank them, and love them for the good they do you. So you should ask your God for those things which he can give you, and which no one else can give you.

You should ask him for life, and health, and strength; and you should pray to him to keep your feet from the ways of sin and shame. You should thank him for all his good gifts; and learn, while young, to put your trust in him; and the kind care of God will be with you, both in your youth and in your old age."2

Sometimes I need a jolt! How about you? When I read that lesson in the McGuffey First Reader, it moved me to pray for the heart of America. May God use this pandemic for His good to turn our nation's heart to Him.

Daniel the Prophet was also jolted to pray for the heart of his nation. He gives us five practical points on how to pray for the heart of your nation. 

Praying for the Heart of America - Five Practical Points


May the Lord Be Merciful and Moving in the Heart of America! 

For His Glory,


Dr. Brad Harbaugh                             

President, Capitol Commission
USA - Minister 


1William Holmes McGuffey (1800-1873) was considered the "Schoolmaster of the Nation." He was honored by National Education Association with a resolution that called him a "great light of the profession and one of the noblest ornaments of our profession...entitled to the grateful remembrance of this Association and of the teachers of America." Elmira, New York, August 7, 1873. 

2William Holmes McGuffey. Eclectic First Reader - Lesson 37. Catherine Millard, The Rewriting of America's History (Camp Hill, PA: Horizon House                  Publishers, 1991) pp, 202-203