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November 5, 2020


How do you remove fear?   You yourself can't!

But you can make a great exchange!

The great exchange involves moving your eyes from the plane of circumstances to the height of God's throne!

How does that make a difference? It becomes very clear when you comprehend the meaning of "fearing God."

"The fear of the Lord is a state of mind in which one's own attitudes, will, feelings, deeds, and goals are exchanged for God's."1

I propose to you that 'fearing God' occurs when you look above the circumstance, person, or situation around you to see God on His throne and come into His presence through prayer exchanging your fear, replacing it instead, with the fear of God !

Here is a prayer of faith decision. 

Dear Heavenly Father,     

By faith I choose, in my current situation of fear and anxiety, to lift my eyes to Your throne and exchange my anxious feelings for your peace, my attitude for Your attitude, my will for Yours, my actions today from living for me to You living through me, my goals for the Goals of heaven. I bow the knee before Your Throne. I affirm that You are God alone.                                 

In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

Peter, the Apostle, exhibited this great exchange walking on the turbulent waves!2

Joseph, Son of Jacob, demonstrated the dynamic visual clarity of his great exchange. It moved him away from a victim mentality. He proclaimed to those who did wrong to him, "You meant it for evil but God meant it for good."3

Paul, the Apostle, living in no fear, powerfully bore fruit for God, his secret was his daily decision to make this great exchange. He testified. "I have been crucified with Christ, yet not I but Jesus lives in me. And the life I live in the flesh, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me."4

When you make this great exchange you experience "perfect love casting out all fear."5

When you make this great exchange you stand in that great sphere resting in a God who does not allow anything into your life that He has not filtered through His sovereign hands.6

Let us today look higher and fear God! Let us take the energy stolen by fear and use it to powerfully live out the will of God with great resolve!


For His Glory,

Dr. Brad Harbaugh                              
President and National Minister - Capitol Commission 

Ministry Highlights from this past week:

  • New connections from awareness meetings open door for stronger ministry presence in Arizona Capitol.
  • Pennsylvania and South Dakota State Ministers leading additional legisative Bible studies on line.
  • prayer tool makes great upgrades to facilitate encouragment to pray for all our leaders.
  • State Ministries in Tennessee and Virginia report Prayer event attendance high with in person and virtual participation.
  • The broadcast "Gospel Advance" is being received extremely well by church groups and gatherings. Glory to God!

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2 Matthew 14:22-33

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