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March 25, 2021

Header Ministry Action 2021 

You want to be blessed. You want your nation to be blessed! 

How many times have you heard a political candidate close with " and may God Bless America?" 

But, ironically, as much as God is asked to bless our nation in our political speeches, our actions seem to be more poised to stiff arm God from giving blessing or any advice at all. 

What brings the blessing of God to a person or a nation? The Bible speaks pretty clear on this topic.

In short, the characteristic of seeking the Lord God and asking Him for His wisdom on the dilemmas facing our lives and our nation is the main characteristic of being "bless-able." This is a first step.

Read More - What makes a person or nation bless-able?

Capitol Commission is urgently seeking opportunities to engage governing leaders and staff in expositioal Bible study. A believing legislator testified that it is this Bible study time when leaders "let God speak to our hearts His wisdom that empowers and strengthens us as believing legislators."

God clearly states in Scripture that it is only through "fearing the Lord" that a person or nation can be blessed! 

How does a nation learn to fear the Lord? A priority step is spending time seeking the wisdom of the Lord in His Word. 


Excitedly, glory to the Lord, more legislators and staff are joining Bible studies with our State Ministers than ever before. But there is an urgency to strengthen our team in the field and train new State Ministers for new fields.

Pictured: South Dakota State Minister Jarvis Wipf leading Bible study. Note: Capitol Commission Bible Study handout.

This is typical for Capitol Commission State Ministers across this nation.

Would you partner with us in prayer asking God for laborers for the fields and the financial resources to train and launch them? 

YES, I WANT TO PARTNER - I too sense the urgency to proclaim the good news and teach the Word of God to our leaders.


For His Glory,

Dr. Brad Harbaugh

President / National Minister  Capitol Commission

 Ministry Update:

In person and through internet led Bible studies, our State Ministers are speaking God's universal truth! And more are listening! Here  are a few of our State Ministers sharing:

Arizona - Continue to pray for the Lord to open doors for in person legislator Bible study.

Arkansas / Virginia - Both State Ministers doing near Capitol off site Bible studies and also internet led studies.

Pennsylvania: Strong spread of written Bible Studies, one on one discipleship opportunities.

Maryland: State Minister going verse by verse through the book of John shared:

“After so many years of holding Bible studies in the …[legislative building, now due to Covid] we are having some great response and participation in our Zoom Bible studies this session…[I am seeing something very positive] …even with our diversity of backgrounds, races, political parties. I believe we are enjoying each other’s company more and more. There is a new comfort level with each attendee and it is so good to hear them interact with one another and the Word!”

Missouri: "God has provided a great space for our Bible Study - great response by our legislators!"

North Carolina: Bible Study attendance growing.

Colorado/Wyoming "I just love Capitol Commission Bible Studies! I see the power of this ministry it is needed in every Capitol." N.W.

Alabama: Recent meeting with missions committee, Montgomery church, we are praying strongly for the training and launching of a new State Minister. Join with us in this fervent prayer.

Louisiana: Upcoming Governors Breakfast shifted to "in person." Jim Denison will be the guest speaker. Pray for our state minister as he and others on that committee work to make adjustments. Pray for impact of the Word!

Upcoming President Schedule:

Thank you for your prayers as we met with our West Virginia State Minister and wife, our Ohio State Minister and wife. Great connections in Ohio - will share in next update.

Pray for continued safety in travels, protection of our health, the Lord to bear fruit, more people to become aware of ministry, New State Ministers.

  • Wisconsin Burlington / Milwaukee / Madison April 17-21
  • Truth and Love Impact Cary April 22-24
  • Jefferson City, Missouri April 27
  • Wilberforce Conference Dallas May 20-23