• brad harbaugh

    Ministry Leaders
    Brad is excited about God’s call to serve as President of Capitol Commission, Inc. He realizes that it is not about him, it is about exalting Christ and presenting to our world’s leaders the hope and guidance God’s word brings!

    Having served as North Carolina’s State Minister with Capitol Commission for three years, Brad passionately lived out God’s call to reach leaders. He embraces God’s commission to represent Christ in each Capitol community ministering to the personal and spiritual needs of our leaders.

    The Lord has blessed Brad with a wonderful wife, Robin. Brad and Robin have four children and nine grandchildren. Above all, they are most thankful to see their children following Christ in their lives.

    Brad and Robin met at college and have served Christ together the past forty years. Brad is an Ordained Pastor and has served as Pastor in Ohio, Michigan, and most recently for over 13 years at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina.

    Brad has an earned doctorate in counseling from Westminster, Philadelphia, Pa. He has served as an adjunct professor at Shepherds Theological Seminary, Cary, NC. He teaches and preaches regularly to churches and groups across America.

    God has used years of secular work in engineering to burden and deepen Brad’s heart to be compassionate for people. In the local church and community, he has both taught and exampled evangelism and community outreach. He has developed several ministries including a Carpenters for Christ ministry. Brad led six Carpenters for Christ mission teams to build church or ministry projects in the Eastern United States. Internationally, he has led five teams to Kenya, Africa, teaching pastor conferences, medical missions and prison ministry.

    His heart passion is to counsel, teach and preach the word of God and share the good news of Christ.

    Jim Young
    Jim Young
    President Emeritus

    Jim Young served as the president of Capitol Commission, Inc. from October, 2009, when the ministry was founded, to December, 2017. For nine years prior to that he served with Capitol Ministries, Inc., another Christian ministry to state legislators.

    Jim began his professional career in 1963 when he helped establish the exothermic products division of Gilliam Packaging Company, of Cleveland, Ohio, which was purchased by Combustion Engineering, Inc. in 1968. Jim worked at Combustion Engineering as the manager of production and product development until 1975.

    In 1974 he put his faith in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. A year later he left the corporate world and began his vocational ministry by serving as administrative pastor of Woodlyn Baptist Church in Chester, Pennsylvania.

    In 1980 he joined the Navigators and served as Ohio state director for that Christian organization. In 1995, he founded Sportworks Ministry, a Christian organization that ministered to student-athletes at North Carolina State University. He was appointed by Gov. Hunt as the official chaplain of the NC State athletic teams, and served as president of that organization. Jim's son Chuck Young now leads the Sportworks Ministry at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina.

    Debra Adkins
    Debra Adkins
    Finance Manager

    As Finance Manager, Deb Adkins is responsible for all Capitol Commission financial transactions; deposits, payroll, expenditures, and accounting/audits. She is also coordinator of all employee benefits; life insurance, health insurance, and retirement. She has served in this role since 2011.

    Deb comes from Western North Carolina but has been in Raleigh most of her adult life. She worked in the printing industry for twenty years. During this time she finished her undergraduate degree and completed her MBA while working for Capitol Commission. She is married, has one son, and one grandson.

    Bob Barnes
    Bob Barnes
    Pray1Tim2 Manager

    Bob Barnes is responsible for managing Pray1Tim1.org.

    Bob is a native of Virginia but spent his corporate life of 35 years in several states in the airline and credit card industries. After retiring to North Carolina in 2006 Bob served with a local non-profit in various administrative positions and then joined Capitol Commission in 2011. Bob has been married for 50+ years and has one daughter and three grandchildren.