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August 29, 2019

God has entrusted Capitol Commission with the good news. He has stewarded to us great opportunities and open doors. The Lord calls us to "set forth the truth plainly...for we do not preach ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord."  

Thank you for your partnership with Capitol Commission to advance the vision to reach Every Leader, Every Capitol, Everyday.

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  • This past month Capitol Commission had the privilege of ministering in the name of Jesus at a National Legislators conference. This door was opened by the Lord years ago and by God's grace has been retained by faithfully ministering the Word of God without an attached agenda. Our focus has been ministering to the people who are in authority over us. Jesus himself said, "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." That statement was spoken to a leader of Israel. Throughout the Old Testament prophets stood with Kings ministering the counsel of God. In the New Testament the Apostles proclaimed the good news to Kings and those in authority. We serve the living God who desires politicians to know Him and rely on Him. But our ministry also encourages those who know the Lord. They witness in a very real way the spiritual battle in America. We are grateful for these opportunities.
  •  Two of our State Ministers led Bible studies every morning.  Each morning close to 30 legislators attended.
    • Senator Jason Rapert #Christianlawmakers tweeted out “Thanks to the members of Capitol Commission for leading #Bible studies for legislators every morning during @ALEC_states# #alecinATX this week in Austin. We thank God for their ministry in our state capitols.”
    • A prominent legislator echoed that tweet with his platform statement: “I am so thankful for Capitol Commission and like ministries that give pastoral care in our State Capitols…”
  • Written Bible studies were offered each day as legislators and attenders exited lunch.
  • It was a privilege to share scripture and pray before meals.
  • At our ministry booth and in other locations there was many opportunities to pray with legislators and minister encouragement.
  • These National Legislative Conferences provide rapport building with legislators in a less stress environment. Our connections with legislators from across the country reinforce the ministry of each State Minister and helps advance the ministry. Please keep praying for our leaders, the pressure they face in these days of "political polarization and tribalism" is heavy. God has positioned them and commands prayer for all in authority. We encourage all to use Capitol Commission's interactive prayer tool.   This tool is active for all 50 states and includes our National leaders serving in DC.
    • One of the blessings of ministering to every leader is that it is building relationships across the aisle. "The work of peacemaking and bridge building Capitol Commission does in today's political marketplace excites me and gives me hope." - Business Leader 
  • New State Capitol - We are excited to report good advancement in the state of Arizona. Keep praying for our new State Minister as he builds awareness and raises support.

Please keep praying for our need for a State Minister in Alabama.

Thank God for His mercy on our nation, and pray for revival in the hearts of God's people!

For His Glory,


Dr. Brad Harbaugh
President, Capitol Commission
USA - Minister 

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