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February 8, 2020

Often I need a brief answer to describe the ministry of Capitol Commission.  How do we effectively share Christ at the capitol?  A three-word summary: PRAYER, PRESENCE, and PROCLAMATION.

Any ministry needs to include plenty of PRAYER, and 1Timothy 2 stresses the importance of prayer for our government leaders.  We host prayer events - from the National Day of Prayer, to prayer walks, to smaller prayer meetings.  Our website ( is a good resource to help people pray for our leaders.

A PRESENCE at the NC General Assembly is vital to our mission - the opportunity to provide one-on-one chaplaincy ministry to our leaders and others that work there.  Building good relationships is critical!  We don't only pray FOR our leaders, we are blessed to pray WITH them.  

We also have the privilege to PROCLAIM the good news of Jesus Christ.  One important way is through our Bible studies.  Many attend the studies, while many others also receive the written studies we give them.  

As a four-term legislator, I saw firsthand the need for the PRAYER, PRESENCE and PROCLAMATION ministry of the NC Capitol Commission.  Then and now, it was and is a privilege to share this story and I encourage you, our champions, to share it as well.  I find God's people often surprised, but very encouraged to know about it.  

If the Lord leads you to share how He is using Capitol Commission, the "3 P's" are a good brief summary to share.  

To God be the glory!  

Dr. Bert Jones
State Minister
North Carolina Capitol Commission
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