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September 8, 2020

The Hansel’s Are Commissioned

As The Ohio State Minister And His Wife


Friday, August 28th at 3:30pm, John Hansel, Jr. was commissioned as Capitol Commission's Ohio State Minister on the west Statehouse lawn with his wife Susie at his side. Video of the event was uploaded via Zoom for the national organization’s commissioning of the Hansels during their Gathering event in Topeka, Kansas, on the following Tuesday, September 1st.

From the left, participants were Pastor Scott Burns, the Hansels’ pastor at Cross City Church in German Village; Andy Schmidt, Owner, Schmidt’s Catering and Advisor to the Ohio ministry; Brad Jury, Pastor at Providence Church, Westerville and former Ohio Minister; Ruth McNeil, Director of Citizens for Community Values; John Schuman, Partner, Budros, Ruhlin, and Roe Financial; and Tommy Anderson, part owner and CEO, American Elements. Mr. Schuman and Mr. Anderson also serve as Advisors to the Ohio Ministry.