• john hansel, jr.

    State Minister, Ohio

    Ministry Leaders
    John believes that God is lovingly patient with everyone and that He doesn’t want anyone to live apart from Him. Rather, God wants all people to understand the truth that leads to a vital, personal relationship with Him in His eternal, life-giving Love. (See 2 Peter 3:9; 1Timothy 2:4) So, John is a teacher who works very hard to make the faith of Jesus’ followers available and relevant to everyone.

    After gaining his Masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, and while working at his doctoral studies in Professional Development at The Ohio State University, John served as Senior Pastor of a church in London, Ohio. Since that time, he has been an independent, non-denominational minister, speaking, teaching studies, and facilitating forums wherein people bring their difficult questions of God and life and the Christian faith. (Formally known as “Apologetics.”) This kind of work will be at the heart of anything John will do as part of Capitol Commission’s chaplain ministry to the State of Ohio.

    Susie, John’s wife has been the love of his life since they were teenagers. In June they will have been married 37 years. Together, they have two happily married daughters, and two delightful grandchildren, and a therapy dog, Golden Retriever by the name of Gus. (Call on Gus when you have a classroom of children who need a snuggly friend while John reads his children’s book, “Nora and Boo.” His wife did all the illustrations!)

    As a young man, John was an accomplished athlete, a sprinter and captain of the Track Team at OSU. He also brings a network of corporate connections and experience to his ministry. For nearly ten years, he was founder and CEO of a pediatric medical device company where he obtained numerous patents. Most recently John has authored his first book, “Amphibian Diaries: A Field Guide for Truth Seekers.,” a humorous and philosophical read that teaches the foundational principles of faith leading to the Truth of Life.