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September 12, 2011

Recently I initiated an email survey among the members attending our Capitol Commission study.

My query asked the question: How do you perceive our study focus?
Is it oriented toward:

  1. Encouragement and edifying or
  2. Equipping and thereby encouraging and edifying?

My personal suspicion, after nearly 18 months of ministry, is #1 will be the personal experience and/or focus.

Pragmatically, having survived USMC Boot Camp in the 1950s, Naval Aviation Flight training, and years of exposure to The Navigators I have learned that a ministry focused on Equipping produces Edification and Encouragement.

But, turning around 10+ years of ministry exposure will require concerted prayer, prudence, and patience. Toward this end I would elicit your prayers.

When I was 30 years of age I would have taken the bull by the horns and thrown that sucker to the turf! But, with age, hopefully, comes wisdom.

Our band of Legislators are a choice bunch, capable of long-term impact for Christ and his kingdom here in PA which impact will accrue to the well-being of our Commonwealth. Toward that long-term goal we press.


Psalm 84:11

Bob Lewis
State Director, Pennsylvania