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February 12, 2012

Jeff Whitebread to Follow Bob Lewis
as Illustrated in 2 Timothy 2

In the good providence of God, a replacement for our Capitol Commission ministry here in PA has been developed has assumed leadership as of 1 Feb. 2012.

Granted, 2 Timothy 2 is an objective ministry model, yet often not embraced, pragmatically.

Providentially, God has afforded an opportunity within the ministry of Capitol Commission to illustrate the model.

In 1976 God engineered my interpersonal-discipling relationship with Jim Young, our current CEO. 30+ years later, Jim recruited me to Capitol Commission and a Staff position with CC in PA.

Since then, God has graciously allowed me the opportunity to raise up another “Timothy”, equipped and competent for ministry.

This Timothy is Jeff Whitebread. His wife is Ishbell and they have 3 children: As of 1 February, Jeff assumed the leadership of CC’s ministry in PA while Jan and I contemplate our next move, which (Numbers 9:23), at the moment is “{in the air”, though a re-location to Delaware seems both reasonable and plausible.

Toward that end we solicit your prayers.

Bob Lewis
State Director, Pennsylvania