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May 3, 2012

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:” (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

The primaries are over and once again our legislators will begin to gather at the State Capitol as the General Assembly is called into session. For our legislators this will be a time of focus activity at the Capitol, and for us, a season to minister to the spiritual needs of those in the Capitol community before they break for summer.

- The 2012 Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast that met on May 1st was hosted this year by Senator Mike Brubaker and Representative Will Tallman. It was a time of encouragement for all who participated in this event. On a personal note, through God’s providence I bumped into one of my profs from Bible College. Truly we serve a great God who encourages us in unexpected ways; this was certainly one of those occasions.
- Bob Lewis, previous State Director of PA, is moving to DE in order to start up the ministry at the State Capitol in Dover. It is likely that Bob and Jan will have sold their house and moved into a place in DE by June 1st. Bob will certainly be missed, but thankfully will still be close enough to visit.
- Many thanks to the Reidenhouers who generously provided the funds to purchase a business-grade printer for the ministry work. What a blessing to have Dave and Sally involved in the work of Capitol Commission Pennsylvania (CCPA).
- I have begun contacting local churches in my area about the ministry of CCPA. Praise God for the way he organizes the situations in one’s life to prompt action.

Prayer Requests:
- Please pray that the Lord will bless our Bible studies, and use our time to equip our legislators to be workmen approved as they continue to become men and women who correctly handle the word of Truth.
- Please pray that the Lord will open doors as I seek to setup personal appointments so that the Lord may draw many of our legislators unto Himself.
- Please pray that the Lord may bless and give wisdom to our leaders in the decisions they make on the budget and the laws of our state.
- Please pray that our efforts to mobilize the local churches to be in prayer for specific leaders in the state government will provide opens doors as we walk the hall of the State Capitol.
- Please pray that God will place the ministry of CCPA on solid footing, allowing us to pursue the work of Jesus Christ in this arena unhindered.

Your prayers for us are such an encouragement, and we look forward to seeing what the Lord will do in the lives of our leaders this year as a result of your faithful partnership with us.

All for God’s glory,

Jeff Whitebread
State Director
Capitol Commission Pennsylvania