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December 20, 2015

December 2015 Update:

In the midst of the current budget crisis at the Pennsylvania State Capitol it can feel as if things are broken beyond repair. And yet, as I send this last update for 2015 my heart is filled with hope.  This is not based on the circumstances we may be experiencing in this moment, but on the God we serve and his ability to move in the hearts of men and women who make seeking him their priority.  As the Apostle Paul closes out his treatise on the characteristics of love he concludes with this compelling statement, “love never fails.”  This love of Christ teaches us how we are to love, it compels us to no longer live for our own self-interests, but to live for God and his purposes.  This divine law of love, found in Christ, and alive in his students and apprentices always protects, trusts, perseveres, and hopes.  This love of Christ overcomes evil and transforms those who trust Jesus enough to obey him.  In this they begin, one step at a time, to share the family resemblance of our Father in the heavens, who’s always near us.

We closed out 2015 by distributing 50 Special Edition Pennsylvania Coat of Arms Bibles to the freshmen legislators and members of the Bible study group, see the pictures below.  Our time together was a great encouragement as we talked about becoming people whose study of the Scripture produces those whose lives are characterize by the supernatural power of love for God and love for people.  And becoming those who seek God’s involvement in all we do, to make it our intention to do all things whether word or deed in the name of Jesus.


Top: Legislators gathering around the Christmas tree in the Main Capitol rotunda after receiving their Bible, Bottom Left: The PA Coat of Arms Bible given to Rep. Russ Diamond, Bottom Right: Rep Donna Oberlander receiving her Bible in her office.

Funding Status:

I am constantly encouraged and thankful for those who have are sacrificially partners with us in this ministry! You are our co-workers in this important mission, and for that I will be forever grateful!

Funding needs are ongoing. I am careful to never make this the focus, but this is a full-time work funded entirely by contributions from generous friends like you who are giving specifically to this ministry in Pennsylvania.

  • $3,500 per month in new giving will help stabilize our ministry budget. Monthly and one-time contributions of all sizes are appreciated.
  • Special additional funding needs:
    $11,000 for Special Edition PA Coat of Arms Bible for the remaining 200+ legislators.
    $6,000 for Health Savings Account for family medical.

Giving instructions are online here. Please just ask if you have any questions.

Your missionary to Pennsylvania's leaders,

Jeff Whitebread

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