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August 15, 2016

ANNOUNCEMENT: Pre-Election PA Prayer Walk

(16) Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

As I consider this volatile election year, God has placed it on my heart to organize a time for His people to gather at our State Capitol to prayer. At this point, plans are being put in place to hold this gathering during the last week of October or the first week in November. More details with follow as they are finalized.

Why a prayer event? When we consider the life of Jesus, prayer is the thread that weaves it way through the entirety of his life. Jesus shows us what a person with a right orientation towards God is meant to be like. He is both our example and teacher in life, and he establishes for those who would be his followers a pattern of prayer which shapes our lives and directs our actions. In Jesus we find that prayer was not employed in order to bend God’s will to what he wanted, but just the opposite. For Jesus prayer was the action of placing his life before his Father, in pursuit of this one goal, “thy will be done” in each moment and in every circumstance of his life.

And yet prayer is powerful because, at its essence, it is asking, and in asking we find a path towards interaction with both God and one another. By beginning with the holy habit of aligning our will with God’s will we learn from Jesus how to live in the reality of the kingdom of God. As we do this, we step into life in which we are able to join God in what he is doing in his world. And so, the biggest question we all face is not, “How do I fix those around me?” Or, “How do I protect myself from a world disconnect from God?” But it is this, “What would you have me do, O God?” “How can Jesus shine through my life to those who desperately need you?” And specifically, in this context, “How can I allow Jesus to bless those in the political arena through my life?”

This prayer event will seek to do these three things in our lives:

1.) Reflection: to place ourselves before God as those who seek to do his will
2.) Intention: to decide to join with God creatively in what he would have us do
3.) Service: to place those who seek public office in PA before our good and gracious God

Logistically the event will start with a Prayer Walk around the Capitol ground with multiple prayer stations that will lead us through a time of reflection, intention, and service. After the prayer walk we will gather for a time of food and fellowship. We will close out the evening by gathering together for a time of corporate prayer and encouragement.

Please join me in this work!

Your Servant for Jesus’ Sake,

Jeff Whitebread, Pennsylvania State Minister
Capitol Commission

P.S. As part of organizing the prayer event, I also need to secure event sponsors who will help cover the cost associated with this event, as well as, raise additional funds for the long-term stability of the ministry.