jeff whitebread

State Minister, Pennsylvania

Ministry Leaders
Jeff Whitebread was born in the small town of Berwick in NE Pennsylvania. He grew up in a Christian home that provided him with a solid biblical foundation. During his first job as a draftsman in Allentown, God redirected the course of Jeff’s life through a pastor who awakened a new passion for the Word of God and a desire to advance God’s kingdom through making disciples.

Jeff joined Capitol Commission following years working in the secular workforce as an IT professional. He was a member of the team that planted a church in NE Philadelphia, and served in various ministry roles over the last 20 years seeking to equip those in the church employing an intentional-discipling model.

Jeff is a graduate Lincoln Technical Institute with an Associates Degree in 1986. He attended Philadelphia Biblical University as a member of their degree completion program in 2009, and is working toward his Bachelors Degree in Bible and Christian Leadership.

Jeff Whitebread and his wife Ishbell live in Rosemont, PA and will be celebrating their 19th wedding anniversary in 2012. They are blessed to have three children, Jacob (14 yrs), Bradley (12 yrs) and Baylee (9 yrs).