• scot wall

    State Minister, Texas

    Ministry Leaders
    Scot Wall was born in Dallas, TX, in 1964 and grew up in the Houston area. He attended Colorado Christian University and Dallas Theological Seminary.

    Before attending seminary, Scot was on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ where he traveled with world-renowned evangelist/illusionist Andre’ Kole. Scot's background in understanding how people are deceived has fueled his desire to help people avoid being deceived spiritually as well as emotionally and financially through sound Bible teaching.

    After seminary Scot was the Chaplain and Bible Department Chair at First Baptist Academy in Dallas where he was also football, basketball and golf coach.

    In 2001, Scot founded and was the pastor of Magnolia Bible Church in Magnolia, TX, until 2016. As pastor, Scot taught that the Church is to seek and pray for the shalom (wholeness, welfare, health and peace) of the city in which God has placed her based on Jeremiah 29 and 1 Peter 2 & 3. As such, he encouraged his congregation to seek service and leadership positions in the community and to pray for their leaders. Scot sought to model this in his own life and became a part of many community organizations and ministries in his hometown.

    Scot regularly visited city leaders and prayed for them. He also traveled to Austin many times in order to meet with state leaders and pray with them as well. It was on one of these visits to Austin that Scot was introduced to Capitol Commission through then Texas State Minister, Don Garner. Now Scot is investing his time to pray for, minister to and encourage Texas state leaders full time through Capitol Commission as the Texas State Minister.

    Scot has been married to Darcy since 1994 and they have three children, Marissa (born 1998), Angel (born 1998) and Caleb (born 2000).