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    May 27, 2011

    Thank you so much for your faithful prayers. The Lord continues to bless your gracious intercession for our leaders and our ministry to them.


    • We continue in the Satellite Bible Studies and it is a joy to learn lessons of life from the truth of Scripture. We also learn from the Apostles what we are not to do. Why did the Lord use a rooster to remind Peter that he denied his Lord? You can view the Bible study notes here.
    • What a blessing to have the opportunity to be involved in our local church, teaching a series that we have recently taught our legislators.

    Prayer Requests:

    • That the Lord will continue to bless the weekly Satellite Bible Studies as we minister to our legislators in Northern, Eastern and Central Virginia.
    • That we will have productive meetings with pastors as we attend a pastors conference in the beginning of June. May the Lord grant us many new contacts and inform many pastors regarding this strategic ministry to our leaders.
    • That the Lord will grant the opportunity to preach in many churches in the summer and fall to strengthen God’s people in prayer for their leaders.

    Please remember our leaders and our military in prayer on Memorial Day!

    Rejoicing in His grace,

    David Andersen
    State Director, Virginia