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    June 25, 2011

    We are so thankful for you and your faithful prayers and support for our ministry.


    • We just completed our final satellite Bible study this week and we are so thankful how the Lord has granted our leaders a great delight in His Word.
    • It also has been a great blessing as we have visited those in Congress to see how they are also excited about the Bible study notes.
    • It has been a wonder to see the Lord work his perfect timing to meet just the right people at the perfect time as we have visited those in Congress.

    Prayer Requests:

    • That the Lord will continue to bless as we follow up with those in Congress.
    • As we follow up with the pastors from the most recent pastors conference that the Lord will grant us favor as well as many appointments and meetings.
    • That the Lord will grant the opportunity to preach in many churches in the summer and fall to strengthen God’s people in prayer for their leaders.

    Please remember our political leaders as you celebrate the founding of our country on July 4th!

    Rejoicing in His grace,

    David Andersen
    State Director, Virginia