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    September 15, 2012

    What a strategic time to pray for our leaders and our nation! We must remember that “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD” (Psalm 33:12).


    • We are excited to have recently received accreditation with ECFA, the Christian financial accountability firm, in record time!
    • We rejoice that there have now been over 47,000 Virginia Leadership Prayer Lists distributed throughout Virginia as a tool to obey I Tim. 2:1-4. You can print out a current copy here.
    • We are thankful to be in churches again, igniting the passion of God’s people in prayer for their leaders and we rejoice in every commitment to pray for our leaders.

    Prayer Requests:

    • We are asking the Lord to raise up finances to provide MacArthur Study Bibles to disciple all of those in Congress.
    • Please pray that the personal appointments, Bible study notes and books will be used by God to draw many of our legislators unto Himself. We are continuing to ask the Lord to grant us at least 12 in 2012.
    • That the Lord may grant us many more individuals, pastors and churches who will commit to prayer for their leaders.
    • We are thankful that Larry Mason, our faithful assistant, is slowly recovering, please pray that God will grant him a full healing from the cancer and the harmful effects of the treatments.

    What a blessing your partnership in prayer is to us! Thank you for standing in the gap for our leaders.

    Rejoicing in His grace,

    David Andersen
    State Director, Virginia