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    January 1, 2013

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!


    We are excited to invite the pastors of Virginia to our 8th Annual Pastors’ Commission to the Capitol on Wednesday, February 6, 2013! This is a wonderful event giving the pastors the opportunity to meet with their legislators and minister to them through prayer and the Word of God. The flier, registration link and invitation letters are here. Please help get the word out and forward this email to your pastor friends.
    • What a blessing it was to see the excitement in numerous churches over the importance of prayer for their leaders. We rejoice that over 49,000 VA Leadership Prayer Lists have been placed in the hands of God’s people to pray for their leaders! The updated 2013 prayer list is here.
    • We thank the Lord for granting us ten years in serving our Virginia legislators through prayer and the ministry of His Word and we thank you for your faithful partnership with us in prayer and support.
    • We rejoice that the Lord has provided two unparalled opportunities to minister to our leaders. First, He has provided MacArthur Study Bibles through a Virginia donor to all of those serving our great country in Congress! Second, He has provided the opportunity for those in every state in the union to sign up to receive daily or weekly reminders to pray for the leaders of your own state! Make it a resolution this year to pray for our leaders daily and invite your friends to do the same. To sign up to pray for your leaders click here.

    Prayer Requests:

    • That the Lord will graciously grant us many pastors from each district of our state to meet with their own legislators at the Pastor’s Commission to the Capitol and that the Lord will use it to win and disciple many of our leaders.
    • Please pray that the Lord will grant us many open doors to present the Gospel accompanied by an abundant harvest among our leaders in the 2013 Session.
    • As we distribute the MacArthur Study Bibles to those in Congress this year, pray that God will grant us wisdom to give them in the way that they will be received with favor and that the Lord will use them in their lives.
    • Also pray that God will grant us the finances, efficiency in our schedule and good health to minister effectively this coming year.
    • We rejoice that Larry Mason, our faithful assistant, is doing much better, please pray that God will grant him a full strength and healing in his throat and body.

    We appreciate so much your faithful prayers for us and our leaders. May the Lord graciously grant you a Happy New Year!

    Rejoicing in His grace,

    David Andersen
    State Director, Virginia