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    February 28, 2013

    Session finished last week and we are looking forward to heading out to Shepherd’s Conference.


    • What a tremendous joy it was to have the pastors of Virginia come to our capitol to meet and pray for our leaders and minister the Word of God to them! The Lord granted us a record number of pastors again this year and we are so thankful for their delight in ministering to our leaders! We appreciate so much the ministry of Jonathan Falwell among us and especially our Governor as he reminded all of us of the tremendous importance of prayer for our leaders according to I Timothy 2:1-4! The photos of the event are here. Thank you so much for your prayers for the success of this event. There were several pastors who told me that this was the best one yet!
    • We are thankful for the good participation in the Bible studies of Session this year. What a blessing it has been to learn many lessons from the little book of Jonah. You can read one of the Bible study notes here.
    • We thank the Lord for giving us the opportunity to invite pastors from all over America and the World to pray for our leaders and encourage them through David’s Inauguration Speech-Psalm 101, exposited by one of our board members, Jim Harmeling.
    • We are so excited that for the first time in the history of America, God’s people in every state of the union can receive a daily reminder of several leaders to pray for and pray for them all at least once a month! To sign up to pray for your leaders click here. Please remember to sign up and pass the news along to your friends in Virginia and other states.

    Prayer Requests:

    • Our spirits being refreshed as we go to Shepherd’s Conference this year and that the Lord will bless our efforts to invite many pastors to sign up to pray for their leaders as we give them the Psalm 101 booklet.
    • That the Lord will grant our Governor, Bob McDonnell great wisdom as he has just a few days to review all the bills passed by the Senate and House of Delegates and decide what is wisest to do with each one of them in consideration of how they will involve each person in our Commonwealth.
    • As we distribute the MacArthur Study Bibles to those in Congress this year, pray that God will grant us wisdom to give them in the way that they will be received with favor and that the Lord will use them in their lives.
    • Also pray that God will grant us the finances, efficiency in our schedule and good health to minister effectively this year.
    • We just celebrated the 67th Birthday of our wonderful assistant, Larry Mason, yesterday! We are so thankful for the ten years that the Lord has given us together. Please continue to pray that God will continue to heal his throat and body. We are so excited about his current progress!

    In the spring of the year it is a good time to thank the Lord for His many blessings and we especially thank the Lord for you and your faithful partnership in prayer for us and our leaders!

    Rejoicing in His grace,

    David Andersen
    State Director, Virginia