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    May 15, 2010

    Your prayers and support are such a blessing and we rejoice at what the Lord continues to do through you. 



    • Thank you so much for your help in purchasing the Bibles for the new Virginia legislators to give to them for their birthdays. 
    • We thank the Lord for the Satellite Bible Studies. It is a real joy to have the opportunity to disciple our legislators on a more personal level through the smaller local studies. 
    • The first draft of the book has been typed up. Please pray for me as I am still getting everything ready to send out to others in this first draft! 


    Prayer Requests: 

    • For the Lord to give special wisdom in ministering to our leaders in the Satellite (regional) Bible Studies. 
    • That the Lord will give special wisdom as the first draft is re-checked before it goes out to several readers and the other Capitol Commission State Directors to give their advice for improvement. 
    • For favor with the pastors throughout our state that the Lord may grant many appointments and preaching opportunities this year. 
    • That the Lord may bless the Legislative Invitational Fishing Tournament this year as we open it up to men throughout our state on Saturday morning, September 25, this year. 


    Rejoicing in His grace,

    David Andersen
    State Director, Virginia