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    September 10, 2012

    Legislators, elected officials, and other government leaders have an extremely important role to play in our state and throughout our nation. At the statehouse level these leaders propose, pass, interpret, and enforce laws that affect every citizen. The term “legislator” comes from two Latin words that mean “law bringer”. Indeed, the making of laws is a daunting responsibility. Our legislators have the authority to make laws because it has been given them by the people.

    As lawmakers, our leaders need to consider their relationship with The Great Lawmaker. This is the topic of this month’s Bible study during the interim committee meetings at the West Virginia state Capitol. These meeting will be held on September 10-12 with our Bible study taking place on Tuesday, September 11 at 12:00 noon.

    Our study entitled "The Great Lawmaker", will consider the important issue of the purpose of God’s law. Most in the capitol believe that Christianity or religion is all about being a good person. God’s law was given to show us that none us are good and that salvation only comes through Christ, His goodness, and His work on our behalf on the cross. You download a copy of our Bible study here.

    This is a vital message for those serving in the capitol community, and again we are overjoyed to share the good news of the gospel in the statehouse. Please be in prayer for the notes as they are distributed to every legislator and elected official and for our study on Tuesday.

    Tim Pauley
    State Director, West Virginia