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    July 29, 2011

    The monthly interim committee meetings for August will be held next week, August 1-3. In addition, the governor has called a special session to deal the issue of redistricting. This is a contentious issue which will cause a great deal of anxiety and stress for all those involved. Our Bible study on Tuesday, August 3, “Dealing with Worry and Anxiety in the Capitol” from Philippians 4:6-7 should be particularly appropriate for this time.

    The issue of redistricting has to do with exactly who our legislators represent. The push for single member districts emphasizes the need for people to know exactly who represents them in Charleston. I believe this is an opportunity for us to remember that we have a responsibility to represent our leaders before the Lord in prayer. In 1 Timothy 2 Paul exhorts us to pray “for kings and all who are in authority”. One of the four words he uses to describe these prayers is “petitions” or “intercessions”. We are to go before the Lord in prayer on behalf of our leaders. In essence, we are to represent them before God. Just as our leaders have a responsibility to represent the people who live in their district, we have a responsibility to represent our leaders before the Lord in prayer.

    As we hear much the issue of redistricting in the news during the upcoming special session, let us be reminded of our responsibility to faithfully represent our leaders as we pray on their behalf.

    Here are some tools to help you more specifically and effectively represent West Virginia’s leaders in prayer:

    Print Version of Daily Prayer Guide

    Online Version of Daily Prayer Guide



    Tim Pauley
    State Director, West Virginia