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    October 8, 2012

    Often in the capitol community and in the world of politics in general you will hear the Bible misquoted, quoted out of context, and misapplied. I have often challenged our leaders to consider how much they hate it when then their words are taken out of context. If that is true, then they should certainly be sensitive to studying God’s word so that they would not take His word out of context and so misuse or misapply it. This is a truth that seems to have struck a chord with the leaders who attend our study.

    Our studies this year have focused on understanding the “big picture” of the story of God’s redemption of sinful man that runs throughout the whole of scripture. During this week’s interim meetings at the capitol we will present the next study in the series entitled “Understanding the Bible: God’s Covenants with His People”. Our study will be held on Tuesday, October 9 in the main building at the West Virginia Capitol. It is our prayer that these studies will help our leaders who know Christ better understand God's word and properly apply it to their lives and their work in the capitol. We are praying that God will work in the hearts of those who do not know Christ that they might realize their need for a Savior.

    Please pray for our study and for our leaders as we have the opportunity to share the good news of how each of us can enter into the new covenant by grace through faith in Christ.

    Tim Pauley
    State Director, West Virginia