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    November 26, 2012

    The Gospel Changes Lives!

    This is the truth to which we hold firmly as we continue to minister in the West Virginia capitol and to leaders throughout the state. It is always encouraging when we see this change take place in the lives of those involved in our ministry.

    In this month’s interim Bible study entitled “No More Politics for Me”, Delegate Jonathan Miller shares his testimony of how God has been at work to change his life over the last several years. Delegate Miller has served in the West Virginia legislature since 2006 and is completing his final term this month. He is looking forward to sharing his testimony with his colleagues and to what God has for him in the future.

    Our study will be held on Tuesday, November 27 in the main capitol building. His testimony will be distributed to every legislator and elected official in capitol as well as a large number of lobbyists and staff. Please pray that God might use Delegate Miller’s testimony to impact others who have made politics an idol in their lives.

    As always, we greatly appreciate your prayer and support for our ministry. Delegate Miller’s own testimony demonstrates the importance of a gospel-centered ministry to our leaders in Charleston and around the state.

    Tim Pauley
    State Director, West Virginia