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    February 13, 2013

    “We are never more like Christ than when we forgive others”.

    Life in the capitol and in politics can certainly be contentious. The two-party system is adversarial from the start. Spirited campaigns and heated debates often cause strained relationships and hurt feelings between those involved. The pursuit of positions of leadership and influence can cause difficulties between individuals even from the same party. More than likely everyone involved in politics has at some time said or done something that hurt someone else or been on the receiving end of the same.

    That is why our studies during the 2013 regular legislative session will be taken from Paul’s letter to Philemon, The Little Letter with a Big Message. You can download a copy of our introductory study HERE. Paul’s theme is on forgiveness and reconciliation, a topic that is essential for believers involved in the rough and tumble world of politics.

    Of course our forgiveness of others is based on how much God has forgiven us in Christ. That is the message we will be seeking to share with those who do not know Christ.

    The regular session begins this week on Wednesday, February 13. We will be holding at least three studies each week throughout the session which runs through April 13. Pray for us as we distribute the Bible study notes to all the legislators, elected officials, lobbyists, and staff who serve at the statehouse during this time. Our first studies of the session will be held on Thursday, February 14.

    • Pray that leaders may experience the forgiveness of their sin through repentance and faith in what Christ has done.

    • Pray that those who have wronged others in the course of campaigns, debates, and political maneuvering might be convicted to seek reconciliation.

    • Pray that those who have been wronged will show their Christian growth by their willingness to forgive those who have harmed them.

    • Pray that believers serving in the capitol will have a great testimony before unbelievers by how they live out their faith even in the midst of the challenges of politics.

    As always, thank you for your continued prayer and support of our ministry reaching leaders throughout the state of West Virginia.

    Tim Pauley
    State Director, West Virginia