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    October 21, 2013

    Is Christianity an Entitlement Program?

    With all the controversy over government shutdowns and debt ceilings, we have heard a great deal about "entitlement programs" lately. When it come to politics, entitlements refer to government programs which provide benefits to members of a specified group. In a broader sense, "entitlement" speaks of the feeling or belief that one deserves to be given something. Unfortunately, many believe that religion and Christianity is an "entitlement program". They feel or believe that they deserve to be right with God and gain His favor and blessing because of how they live and what they do.

    Our Bible study at the month's interim committee meetings at the capitol reminds us that Christianity is not an entitlement program - it is a grace program! We will consider God's Amazing Grace as it is described in Ephesians 2:1-10. You can read or download a copy of our study here. Please pray as we share this important message at the capitol on Tuesday.

    The issue of the debt ceiling brought up a lot of discussion about the budget and priorities in spending. While I believe there is no greater priority than sharing the gospel with those who need the Lord, finances are, of course, an issue for our ministry as well. Like the federal government, we find it difficult at times to provide the services and programs God has called us to. The last couple of months have been one of those times. Unlike the federal government, we are committed to NOT going into debt. As we near the end of the year, would you prayerfully consider a gift that will help us continue to share God's Amazing Grace with our leaders in Charleston and around the state? You can give online here or send gifts designated for the West Virginia ministry to

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    Thank you once again for your prayer and support of our ministry.