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    January 15, 2014


    All of us in the Charleston area and the surrounding counties affected by the chemical spill and the resulting water emergency have faced some unaccustomed challenges over the last week. In the days to come there will certainly be much discussion as to the blame and liability for the incident and what can be done to assure such an event will not happen again. There will likely be several pieces of legislation introduced dealing with this issue. We will leave all of those discussions for someone else to handle. We can look to these events for a vivid illustration of biblical truth.

    Due to the events of the past week, we are leaving our series on the life of Christ and sharing a topical study titled, "Flushing the System: A Picture of Sanctification". We can find in the water emergency a great illustration to help us understand how we deal with sin and grow in our Christian lives.

    • Pray for us was we share the message of the "Living Water" which is found only in Jesus Christ.
    • Pray for believers to be sensitive to the sins and temptations particular to those who serve in the capitol.
    • Pray for many of us who are still dealing with the effects of the water emergency.

    Thank you for your ongoing prayer and support for our ministry.

    Tim Pauley

    Ministry Director, West Virginia