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    January 23, 2014

    “The Great Creator Became Our Savior…”

    Many of us are familiar with these words from famous hymn by William Booth Clibborn, grandson of the founder of the Salvation Army. In that brief statement is a grand truth, an important message in the capitol where it is a big deal to honor those in positions of power and authority.

    Our recent state of the state address gave us a good example of how we honor those in positions of authority, influence, and accomplishment. The House floor and the galleries were packed with people to hear the governor’s speech. All arose and stood and ovations given as the various leaders were introduced and entered into the chamber. A special committee was formed to meet the governor and usher him into room. Throughout the speech the governor recognized various individuals for their accomplishments and contributions, and these were honored with standing ovations.

    We honor some because of their position. We honor others because of their accomplishments. There are those we honor because of their tremendous demonstrations of character, service, or sacrifice. It is the purpose of our studies on the life and work of Jesus Christ to remind us that we should recognize and honor Him above all because of these very reasons. We honor Jesus because of His position as God the Son. We praise Him for the work He has accomplished. We lift Him up for of the demonstration of His nature and character shown in all He has done on our behalf.

    In this week’s Bible study, “The Great Creator Became Our Savior”, we are exhorting all those who serve in the statehouse to honor Christ as He deserves.

    • We honor Him because of His position as almighty God and Creator of the Universe.
    • We honor Him for the work He has accomplished both in creation and redemption.
    • We honor Him for the character and attributes of love, mercy, and grace He demonstrated in coming to save us.

    Please pray for us as this message is proclaimed at the capitol through the distribution of our notes and our meeting on Thursday at Noon. It has been a hectic week due to both the water and weather emergencies. Pray that God will still capture our hearts and affections with the truth that “The Great Creator became our Savior”!

    Tim Pauley

    Ministry Director, West Virginia