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    June 17, 2014

    In the world of politics we often talk about “spin”. Spin is giving a particular viewpoint, bias, or slant to a story or event. It usually involves emphasizing only the positive or negative aspects, failing to tell the whole story in a presentation.

    This may be true in politics, but many times we are guilty of “spin” when it comes to the truth of the Bible and the message of the gospel.

    This is particularly true when it comes to the attributes or characteristics of God. Some may focus on the justice, wrath and judgment of God. Others might emphasize the love, grace and mercy of God. Both may fail to properly present the other aspect of God’s character.

    This year in our studies at the capitol we have been studying the life and ministry of Jesus Christ through the framework of what Jonathan Edwards called the “Diverse Excellencies” found in Christ. There are no more diverse or more excellent attributes found in Christ than His justice and His grace. Both are most vividly demonstrated at the cross where God demonstrated divine justice in Christ bearing the penalty of our sin and amazing grace in doing so to provide a way for our sin to be forgiven.

    It is vitally important that we do not “spin” this message to those who serve in the capitol. Very often the only message they hear is that of God’s law and justice. We may fail to present the “Whole Story” and also share the message of the forgiveness that is available through God’s grace.

    That is the message of our interim Bible study which will be presented at the West Virginia capitol on Tuesday, June 17. Please pray we meet and as the notes are distributed throughout the statehouse.

    Tim Pauley

    West Virginia Ministry Director