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    January 16, 2015

    We are now entering our eleventh year reaching out to government leaders and elected officials with the gospel. God has continued to bless us with open doors to minister to leaders at the Capitol. Our heart’s desire is to see such a ministry expand to reach every political leader and elected official in the state.

    One thing I have learned in ten years serving those who work in the capitol is that life in the statehouse is challenging. Leaders face all the same issues of daily life as “regular citizens”, and also have the added challenges of working in state government. Politics and leadership presents leaders with unique trials, pressures, and temptations. For this reason it will be encouraging for us this session to consider from God’s Word the life of a political leader who sought to follow God – King David.

    Our series of studies during the regular session which began this week will be entitled “Learning from One after God’s Own Heart” from the life of David, King of Israel. More is recorded about David than any other character in the Bible save Jesus Christ Himself. He was a political leader who faced many challenges, trials, temptations, failures, and victories in his life. As such, we can learn a great deal about our own lives from studying his. More importantly, King David points us to the true King of Kings – Jesus Christ. This will be an encouraging and challenging series for our Leaders this year.

    Please pray for us and our ministry during the regular session which begins this week and runs through March 14.

    • Pray for our weekly Bible studies which will be held three times each week.
    • Pray as the notes for our Bible studies are distributed throughout the capitol each week.
    • Pray with us that God will work in the hearts of leaders so that they might respond to the gospel in repentance and faith.
    • Pray with us that those who know Christ will seek to be “One after God’s Own Heart” through all the challenges of life in the capitol.
    • Pray that all will be pointed to Jesus Christ through our ministry and the testimony of believers in the statehouse.