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    February 11, 2015

    We can learn a lot from the events in David’s life.

    We can learn even more about his relationship with God when we study how he responded to those events in his Psalms.

    There are many “highs” and “lows” for our leaders who serve in the capitol. Electoral wins and losses. Political victories and defeats. Dealing with lies, misquotes, and betrayals are all often part of life in the statehouse. Add all this to the “normal” trials of our leaders’ daily lives.

    That is why David’s responses to those highs and lows in his life can be so encouraging. God gave us those Psalms to help change both our thinking and our feelings towards God.

    This is the focus of this week’s Bible study in the West Virginia capitol: “David’s Psalms: Thinking and Feeling with God”. Pray that our leaders can indeed learn how to rejoice, praise, and trust in God no matter what triumphs or tragedies may come.

    Tim Pauley

    Ministry Leader, West Virginia