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    May 11, 2012

    People serving and working at the capitol always look sharp. There are dress codes for members of the legislature on both the senate and house floors, and folks seeking to work and meet with leaders seek to look their best. Any of us would be quite hesitant to go into the governor’s office or onto the Senate or House floors in filthy coveralls and muddy boots. On an infinitely grander scale, each of us must be concerned about entering into the presence of a holy God with uncleanness and sin in our lives. When we truly begin to recognize how holy and pure God is, then we begin to understand how sinful and unclean we are before Him. It is then we realize we need a Savior who can cleanse us from our sin. That is the message we want to share with our leaders during the upcoming interim committee meetings at the West Virginia state capitol.

    Every month our legislators gather in Charleston for three days of interim committee meetings. Each lawmaker is assigned to one or more committees in order to work on various issues throughout the year.

    In these meetings they deal with a variety of topics, many of which will be taken up during next year’s regular session. This month's interim meetings will be held on May 14 - 16.

    During the interim meetings, Capitol Commission continues to provide Bible studies for our legislators and elected officials at the statehouse. Our study for this month is entitled "Only Christ Can Make Us Clean" from Numbers 5:1-4 and will be held on Tuesday, May 15.

    Please pray for our legislators as they gather for these meetings and as we seek to minister and share the gospel with them during this time:

    • Pray for safety as they travel.

    • Pray for them as they take this time away from their families and jobs.

    • Pray for them as they deal with many issues important to our state.

    • Pray that our Bible study and other aspects of our ministry will be a challenge and encouragement to our leaders.

    Tim Pauley
    State Director, West Virginia