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    January 27, 2016

    “Prepping” has become a serious issue for many in our communities. In our own area the Derecho with its resulting power outages and the loss of water during the Elk River chemical spill have caused many to consider the importance of preparing for such emergencies. They spend a great deal of time and effort stocking up on food and other supplies that will last until needed. While it may indeed be important to prepare to care for our physical needs, it is vital that we consider preparing for our eternal, spiritual needs.

    We seek to provide Bible studies and ministry in the Capitol so that our leaders might find spiritual nourishment and strength during the difficult days of the regular session. We want to point them to the only source of spiritual life, Jesus Christ! This is certainly the focus of this week's Bible study as we consider Jesus' statement, "I am the Bread of life". It is only in Him that we find life, spiritual sustenance, and that which truly satisfies.

    • Please pray for our studies which meet each Thursday during the session.
    • Pray that leaders will be convicted to work for that which endures forever (John 6:27).
    • Pray that the Holy Spirit will work that many might find eternal life in Christ.
    • Pray that believers might find spiritual nourishment and strength as they serve.

    Thank you once again for your prayer and support of our ministry.

    Tim Pauley

    Ministry Director

    Capitol Commission West Virginia