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    March 23, 2017

    Are You a Saint?

    All believers are called "saints" in God's word. "Saint" simply means "holy one". It comes from the word from which we also get "holy" and "sanctified". The Bible calls us saints, yet it urges us to be more saintlike. The Scriptures call us holy, yet they encourage us to be more holy in our daily lives. God's Word says we are sanctified, yet it exhorts us to pursue greater sanctification. How do we sort all this out?

    This is the topic of this week's Bible studies in the West Virginia capitol. Isaiah was a believer, a follower of God. When God granted him the vision of His holiness and glory in Isaiah 6, he realized just how sinful and unworthy he still was. God showed him how sins are forgiven - through the sacrifice on the altar (justification). Then God demonstrated how we continue to cleansed from the sin in our lives (sanctification).

    Pray that many in the capitol might find the forgiveness from sin through Christ.

    Pray that believers serving in the statehouse might indeed be more saintlike, holy, and sanctified even during these difficult days of the regular session.



    Tim Pauley

    Capitol Commission West Virginia