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    February 7, 2018


              Benefits of Belonging

    Good or bad, much of life around the statehouse revolves around the two-party system. We quickly realize there are a great number of benefits for those who belong to the majority party. The leadership positions of senate president and house speaker. The chairing of committees. The size and location of offices. Even the parking places are distributed based on membership in the majority.

    This is but a glimmer of the truth we find in the Bible of the benefits for those who are followers of Jesus Christ. We read that those who have trusted Christ have been “blessed with every spiritual blessing” (Eph. 1:3). Perhaps the greatest of these blessings and benefits is what Paul shares with us in Romans 8 – that we have been ADOPTED into God’s family. As Paul spells out for us the blessings and assurances we have because we have been made right with God, he reminds us of what must be the greatest of them all – Believers have been adopted by God and have all the benefits of belonging to His family.

    This is the topic of our Bible study we will be sharing in the West Virginia capitol this week.

    • Please pray as our study notes are distributed throughout the statehouse and for our two weekly Bible study meetings.
    • Pray that unsaved leaders, lobbyists, and staff might find the joy of becoming one of God's children.
    • Pray that believers might experience the encouragement and assurance that comes as the Holy Spirit works to bear witness that they are indeed the children of God.


    Tim Pauley

    Capitol Commission West Virginia