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    August 3, 2018

    At one time or other we all long for REST. For those serving in the capitol near the end of a challenging 60-day session we may look forward to adjournment and the break from all the meetings, sessions, and debates. All of us anticipate our vacation and a break from hectic lives to spend time with our families. We may simply long for the end to a busy or challenging day when we can just sit down and REST.

    God’s Word uses the picture of REST to vividly describe our relationship with God and our walk with Him. Psalm 95 calls us to remember and worship God for who He is and all He has done for us. When we do so, we can enter in to the rest He has provided for us.

    This is the topic of this week's Bible study in the West Virginia state capitol as we continue our series "Songs of the Savior: Seeing Christ in the Psalms". Our study, "Be Diligent to Enter God's Rest" looks at Psalm 95 and how it is fulfilled in Christ as described in Hebrews 3-4.

    • Pray for those who need to find rest in Christ for salvation.
    • Pray for believers who need to find rest in Christ in the midst of challenging service in the statehouse.
    • Pray for God to continue to provide open doors and bless our opportunities to minister to those who serve in our state and local government.


    Tim Pauley

    Capitol Commission West Virginia